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Key point of this trip: ambiguity


This week on BRIC we were on campus for 9 days getting a snippet of each of the five classes were taking this semester! It's been a super long and stressful week but here I am now, literally couple of hours from flying. We've had class from 8am to 8pm or so every night. Thanks to Babson and the Glavin office for organizing programming so that we are prepared to go abroad. I think it pumped us up even more about getting on that bus to China!

We met our professors for China, India, Russia, and Encounters of the BRIC. it's been exciting, and we even went to Chinatown to practice ordering food! (Okay I used Cantonese instead of Mandarin oops) IMG_2479.jpg

It definitely hit me today that damn, I'm going to be away for three months. It never really occurred to me that I've never been out of the country for more than a month. Three countries, three months? Why am I doing this again?


BRIC has been my dream since the moment I deposited to Babson. That's why. What a time to be alive where Babson has the ability to send us to three emerging economies in one semester to study business and culture.

And I am happy that we did a goals and expectations session to close the B Babson portion of BRIC. Let's just say I'm going to aim to be more positive and productive while abroad! More to come on that :)

So for now, the only update is that I'm now en route to Beijing! Hoping to reunite with my host sister if it all works out! Ready to take my classmates to some of my favorite places in the world. Wait dang, it's been four years since I've been in Beijing...can't wait to see it again!




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Fact: The B in BRIC stands for Babson.

From Babson to Russia to India to China I go! (not in that order, but hey)


Hello and welcome!

My name is Jen Huynh. I am an undergraduate student at Babson College studying in Russia, India, and China this fall. My program is called BRIC: The Cornerstone of the New Global Economy. (Disclaimer, the BRIC program does not go to Brazil. Now that'd just increase the costs of this program wouldn't it?)

While abroad, I'll be taking business and liberal arts courses about the three countries, and how they contribute to the business world. I'm incredibly lucky and fortunate to be able to spend my semester with 25 of my fellow students, 4 wonderful Babson professors meeting us in the countries, and a great on-site coordinator to make sure we make it through in one piece! Honestly, as someone who is obsessed with diversity, intercultural learning, and immersion through study abroad, I looked at this program with starry eyes as a high school senior. Now my dream is coming true and I can't wait!

I will be documenting my travels through this blog. I mean, it seemed to work when my fifteen year old self did this while studying abroad in Beijing in 2010. I'll be gone for the fall semester, I'm sure plenty will happen that will be worth writing about.

I'm in for a semester of school work, finishing 1-2 courses in the span of 3-5 weeks at a time (the Russia portion is 7 credits and we're only there for a month!), many methods of transportation, intercultural learning, cultural shocks/barriers, and many other challenges. I feel as though my experiences abroad in the past (NSLI-Y China 2010, Cape Town 2012, Malaysia 2014) will help. Thank goodness stepping out of my comfort zone is how I learn best. Can't wait and only one month and three days until the journey begins at Babson!

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